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On view at the Smithsonian’s esteemed Sackler Gallery in Washington D.C., Ahmed Mater’s exhibit of installations and photographs is the first solo exhibition for a Saudi artist in the United States. To read my article in Newsweek Middle East, please <click here>

I had the pleasure of interviewing Abbas Kiarostami and Park Chan-wook for my report in Newsweek Middle East on Cinema in Iran and review Paradise – ما, در بهشت by Sina Ataeian and Amir Hamz, which competed at the Marrakech Film Festival. To read, please <click here>

I interviewed the director who won Best Film at the Marrakech Film Festival. Here’s my report for Newsweek Middle East about his movie, Very Big Shot – فيلم كتير كبير: To read, please <click here>

Art will always be a more powerful instrument of change than weapons, renowned Italian-American director Francis Ford Coppola told Newsweek Middle East on the sidelines of the 15th Annual Marrakech Film Festival in Morocco. To read, please <click here>.